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Kathleen Oriti, MA, LPC

  Do I need professional counseling services?

  Sometimes we face problems that don’t seem to get resolved. At times we
  can feel overwhelmed no matter what action we take or how hard we try.
  It can be very difficult to deal with traumatic events, and we just want the
  pain to stop. When problems interfere with our ability to function, it is time
  to get professional help.

  Professional counselors are experienced in assisting people to solve problems,
  deal with stress, and increase daily functioning. Professional counselors listen,   understand, and can help clients to identify possible solutions while increasing
  coping skills.

  Rebuild Your Life LLC has a mission to help clients refocus, learn new ways to
  think in a positive manner, and to move forward to rebuild a new life. Working   together with the client to change their thoughts, gain awareness of their thoughts,   learn stress management, release anger, improve self-esteem, heal, and move   forward is the goal.

A Counseling Service
for survivors of
Sexual, Emotional, or Physical Trauma

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Licensed Professional Counselor
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Ernest Hemingway once wrote
"the world breaks everyone
and afterwards many are
strong at the broken places".
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